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Κατηγορία: Maurice Lacroix
Κατασκευαστής: Maurice Lacroix




In 2013, Maurice Lacroix provoked discussion and incredulity with the launch of its Masterpiece Mysterious Seconds. It answered questions others failed to ask. The brand that once queried, “Why not a square wheel?”, now enquired, “Does time have to be circular?”. 

The Masterpiece Mysterious Seconds depicts time in a linear form. A twin-tipped seconds hand, baton-like in form, traverses a solid disc, appearing to float and move in an almost balletic motion. Each tip of the seconds hand waits in turn to share the responsibility for imparting time. 

The Mysterious Seconds reveals some of its micro-mechanics housed within the case, courtesy of an open-worked area of the dial. Hour and minute hands are located off-centre at 2 o’clock. However, by contrast, the mystique of the model is bestowed by its thought-provoking seconds display.

There appears to be no physical connection between the novel seconds hand and the movement beneath.


When it was initially launched in 2013, the Mysterious Seconds was released in two limited series of 125 pieces each.

This year, Maurice Lacroix has released two new versions of the Masterpiece Mysterious Seconds, “Contemporary” and “Classic”, again produced in limited numbers of 250 pieces each.

The off-centred hours and minutes display of the “Contemporary” employs white Arabic numerals, set against a black background. This provides a modern appearance and a highly legible display. The centre of the hours and minutes dial continues to be open-worked, as is the adjacent area, allowing the wearer to see the movement below.

The linear seconds display is presented on a black disc with a twin-tipped seconds hand, red at one end and white at the other, interfacing with a red, grey and white scale. The resultant aesthetic appearance is dynamic, courtesy of its black gold finishing, and provides an alternative depiction of time that encourages discussion.

A further choice is provided in the form of the “Classic”. This version has a distinctly more traditional appearance. The hours and minutes display features a dark blue scale marked with white Arabic numerals. 

The linear seconds display employs a white disc, appearing pure and angelic. The twin-tipped hand, in this instance, is blue at one end and white at the other. It floats above the disc and interfaces with a black and blue scale. The visible movement execution is rhodium coated, providing a bright appearance to the open-worked dial area.





Κατασκευαστής Maurice Lacroix
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